Early Years

Learning Together in Faith

Children are supported to be creative, as God is creative; to be inquisitive, so as to encounter and deepen their understanding of God; and to use their God-given gifts and talents to explore their world and ways in which they can serve others.

The Church reminds us that parents/guardians are the first teachers of the faith. By your example of prayer, worship and daily living, you have set your child on the path to knowing the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. We join the partnership of home and parish to continue your child’s faith formation.

The Catholic Kindergarten program is designed to help every child, created in the image of God, each his or her full potential through a program of learning and faith development.


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How can I help support the transition into kindergarten?

  • Be positive about school. Stress opportunities to make new friends, learn and have fun.

  • Take photos of the school and classroom and talk about them leading up to the first day.

  • Practice walking to school or to the bus stop before school starts.

  • Discuss basic safety rules and school arrival and dismissal routines.

  • Discuss and regularly review with your child which adult is responsible for school pick up and drop off.

  • Maintain a regular bedtime and wake-up schedule required for school before the school year begins.

How can I help build independent skills that are helpful in kindergarten?

  • Encourage independent preparation to begin the day through dressing, teeth brushing, toilet use, hand washing etc.

  • Organize belongings so they can be found in the same place and put away without adult assistance. Cupboards within reach, hooks at child appropriate height and use of low stools may be helpful.

  • Practice packing and unpacking school bag

  • Ensure snacks and lunch containers are easy to open and accessible.

  • Practice reciting important information about allergies or food restrictions.

The Kindergarten Team

In kindergarten classrooms that have an educator team, a teacher (OCT) and an early childhood educator (RECE) work together to help young students learn. These educators have complementary skills that create a learning environment to support the unique needs of each child. Educators are co-learners with the children. They are responsive to children’s interests and questions. They spend time observing children’s play and taking to in order to develop deeper understandings of children’s thinking and learning. Educators spend lots of time talking with children about the materials they are using. The program, projects and studies are authentic and emerge from the children’s interests that are expressed and repeated over time. They design environments that emphasize learning through play-based inquiry with materials and small group project work and less on whole group instruction

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